Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fuzzy and Blue (and Pink!)

People are back from Christmas break, so I finally have friends around again! Yay! Well, that's not to say that absolutely everybody was gone; just quite a few. Anyway, so while everybody else gets settled back into classes and trying to find dates, I remain the bagel queen (while also trying to find dates). The weather continues cold and snowy, but what else is new? I'm enjoying walking to work early in the morning, trying to keep my feet warm. Actually, today was a different goal--staying upright on the icy sidewalk. Unfortunately, I didn't actually succeed at that goal. I completely biffed it less than a block away from work and went down on my left side. Nothing twisted or sprained or broken, just a couple of bruises. I got up fairly quickly, actually going so far as to say out loud to myself, "Walk it off, Megan. Walk it off." Thank goodness it's dark when I walk to work.

Last weekend I got to spend a lot of time with my wonderful friend Esther! I was pretty excited to see her back, especially when she produced a Christmas present for me that I was not expecting, but was completely excited about as soon as she brought them out of her room. These AMAZING pink fuzzy slippers! ("fuzzy green flipper slippers! ah, divine. have them gift wrapped." who can name THAT quote?)

So yes. Esther is amazing and wonderful. I had a good time hanging out with her. I saw a lot of Kelly and Jeremie, too, and they're great guys to see. I'm really lucky I have such awesome friends. Yay! And yay for Kelly's baseball cap that is really too large for me but he puts it on my head, anyway. How cool am I?

Speaking of awesome friends, a group of us (which included Esther, Kelly, and Jeremie, plus Steve and Cody) went to a wonderful friend's wedding reception, Mike Jensen (no relation, as far as i know). He was clearly ecstatic with happiness. After every hug , he exclaimed, "I'm married!" Good to know he's excited for it. I think we were all pretty excited for them. Fun to dance a little bit, too (stress on the "little"--i was taking a lot of pictures with cody's camera while she danced).

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