Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Get Your Filthy Hands Off My (or Esther's) Dessert

Just a quick update on me: nothing new to report. Really. My life still appears boring for the most part. Work and home. But I do find things to pass the time. One of my resolutions is to eat a little bit more like an adult and less like a college student, considering that I am no longer one. So last week, I went on a completely different kind of grocery shopping trip than I have before. Well, not entirely. Occasionally I have eaten more healthy stuff, but as I was in the check-out line, looking over my purchases, I really thought to myself, "Wow, this is stuff my mother would buy!" Amazing! So hopefully I'll keep up that goal.

Last weekend was quite full, so that's good. We had a stake "luau" . . . indoors . . . wearing jeans under our lavalavas. But hey, we had a good time trying out the hula hoops and dancing around like idiots. Then there were the "Hawaiian Hotness" awards, which were a form of costume contest that none of us were informed of. So it was quite a shock when this random guy got up with a microphone to announce these awards and the first name he read was mine! I got the "Pretty as a Picture" award, for which I was secretly proud (not much of a secret anymore), and a picture frame. After the luau, a few of us headed over to the UVSC Institute dance, and I've never gone to one before, but it was quite an experience. I actually had a lot of fun. There were plenty of people from my ward there, and we were none of us afraid to "cut loose" (you could literally feel the floor moving during "Footloose"). I think I lost about five pounds that night from all the dancing.

The rest of the weekend I pretty much spent with my Centennial crew: Esther, Becky, Whitney, Kelly, and Jeremie. I always like being with them, and I never want to leave, so therefore I always stay way too late if I have work the next morning. We almost went ice skating on Saturday night, and once I agreed to go, I was actually looking forward to it; however, it ended up being canceled that night. Kelly may not have believed me, but I was actually disappointed we didn't go. Maybe some day I actually WILL learn to ice skate. We shall see. Esther and I put together dinner and dessert on Sunday, and naturally, it was a success. We (and when I say "we", I mean "Esther"--considering I was making the dinner) made a cheesecake for the first time ever, and the reviews were all extremely positive. So yay for my family recipe book once more!

All right, not so quick of an update, but who's surprised? Not me. I'm not capable of writing anything short. Let me just leave you with this thought: "I don't think I'm alone in saying that Jupiter should be considered an enemy planet." -J. Handy

With affection and alliteration, Me.

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