Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanks - Day Numer Trzydziesci

On this my last day of thankful posting, I'd like to say I thought of something not at all superficial, so that all of you may end this month thinking that I'm a very deep person. But well . . . today I'm mostly thankful for . . .

Nail clippers.

What a pain it would be to have to "clip" your nails with a knife or scissors or something else that just makes me cringe. The first patent for an "improvement" to a fingernail clipper/trimmer in the United States was in 1875, which means something must have existed before then that people could use. But how much longer before 1875 did it exist? Wikipedia may never know.

Either way, I'm glad for a device that keeps my nails trimmed and neat. Because I don't think any of us ever like it when our nails catch on something.


"Every piece of software written today is likely going to infringe on someone else's patent." -Miguel de Icaza

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