Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Very Superstitious

All right, I still don't know if I'm extremely pro- or anti-Trunk-or-Treating. All I know is that our ward had one, so Glen and I went. And we ran out of candy very early on because we were not informed (along with a few other families in our ward) that it was a MULTI-ward activity. A lot more children than we expected. Oops! Anyway, here were some of the bang-up jobs of costumes:
 Damien sure had fun at church the next day with his new haircut. teehee
 I think Brandon had wayyyyy too much fun making people scream at him as he feigned deafness.
 The subjects of these two pictures were not in the same family group or anything!

And in case you've forgotten what we look like:

Wait a minute! I may have used a picture from last yea- ... wait, no. I didn't. This year. It was a very last-minute realization/decision that we were going to go to the trunk-or-treat, so hooray for recycling costumes! Most of the children had no idea who Clark Gable was (how sad), so when we would verify that someone didn't know who he was, we were either a) Bonnie and Clyde, or b) ballroom dancers. (if someone knew who clark gable was, we were clark gable and his femme fatale. doesn't that describe me to a T?) But even though there wasn't a consensus on who we actually were, everyone did agree that we were pretty dang classy.

We also re-used the costumes at a party at the Cooks' home, another fun couple in our ward. The name game with the Halloween theme was quite the stand-out event, considering there were about three "Edward Cullen"s and three "Dracula"s in the pot (each participant contributed names, so there were some repeats) and when we reached the Charade round, the action for each was exactly the same, which meant a lot of fang-faking. Very entertaining. Thanks, the Cooks, for a fun Halloween night!


"You don't believe the story of the Great Pumpkin? I thought little girls always believed everything that was told to them. I thought little girls were innocent and trusting." -Linus
"Welcome to the 20th century!" -Sally

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