Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanks - Day Nummer Isa

Today I am thankful for . . .


I've discovered that when Monday comes around, my default selection for dinner is some kind of noodle. Last week I finally branched out and made something without pasta, but it was the first Monday in at least a month that I had done so. Tonight, it was bowtie. Mmm.

I'm thankful for food in general, but I'm just grateful that when my imagination is lacking, I can pull out the angel hair. Pasta is usually a hit, after all. It's one of those dishes that I would never say no to, unless I've had it seven nights in a row (and maybe not even then, depending on circumstances). So to any culture who has contributed some kind of noodle to the world, kudos. And thanks.


"Most vegetarians look so much like the food they eat that they can be classified as cannibals." -Finley Peter Dunne

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Glen said...

Noodles...don't noodles.